The Modern Jewish Girls’ Guide to Guilt

Edited by Ruth Andrew Ellenson

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About the Book
A Los Angeles Times bestseller and 2005 winner of the National Jewish Book Award.

In this hilarious and provocative collection, twenty-eight of today's top Jewish women writers tell the truth about all the things their rabbis warned them never to discuss in public. Exploding with truth, humor, and insight into what it means to be a Jewish woman at the dawn of the 21st century, The Modern Jewish Girl's Guide to Guilt is sure to strike a chord with any woman who's ever had a pang of conscience between doing what she wants and what her tradition expects of her. Do you feel guilty when too many good things happen to you? Have you ever used Caller ID to dodge your mother's phone calls? Are you sometimes tempted to give up on the idea of atonement and go get a pedicure on Yom Kippur? That's just the beginning…

"A humorous exploration... of strong and moving stories about what it means... to be a Jewish woman in today's world"
Los Angeles Times

"A lively and intelligent gathering."
Seattle Times

"Trust me, you'll feel guilty if you don't read this hilarious and poignant collection. Move over, Woody Allen."
St. Petersburg Times

"Twenty-eight essays by some of America's most prominent Jewish female writers... a kid-in-the-candy-store experience for the angst-ridden Jew."
Jewish Journal of Los Angeles
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