4/10 The Mortified Podcast ("Hunger Games")

11/4 Real Simple podcast ("How to Survive Your Family Thanksgiving")
10/11 The Christian Science Monitor ("Hinge's Redesign Bets That Millennials are Looking for Deeper Relationships")
8/26"Talk with Francesca" radio, Boston
6/10The Great Love Debate podcast with Brian Howie
6/3NPR's "This American Life" with Ira Glass

12/20The New York Times podcast "Inside the New York Times Book Review"
12/16Real Simple podcast "Surviving the Holidays"
11/20The Washington Post "On Parenting"
8/14Real Simple podcast "How to Improve Your Odds of Finding Love"
4/7Real Simple podcast "Couples and the M-word"
4/4Buzzfeed "18 Tips You Need Before Moving In With Your Significant Other"
3/27The New York Times "She Sounds Smart, but Look at Her Hair!"
3/26Real Simple podcast "Put Away your Cell Phone, Please!"
1/31Buzzfeed "17 Expert Tips to Help Couples Solve Relationship Issues"

2/12ESPN "The Herd with Colin Cowherd"
2/11CBS "The Early Show"
2/9The New York Times Magazine "6th Floor Behind the Cover"
2/7KPCC "Take Two"
2/7Good Morning America

8/20Huffington Post Live
8/16CNN Living
6/28"The Katie Couric Show"
4/16NPR - "Tell Me More"
4/4The Globe and Mail

12/18CBC Radio, "Q"
11/29NPR - WNYC "The Leonard Lopate Show"
7/2The Aspen Institute "What is the Goal of Parenting?"
6/26NPR KPCC's "Air Talk with Larry Mantle"
6/24The New York Times
3/1Redbook magazine

11/6The Chicago Tribune
11/1The New York Times "Motherlode"
10/12Oprah TV "The Gayle King Show"
8/3WNYC - The Brian Lehrer Show
8/2CBC Radio / PRI International
7/18Scientific American
7/18CBS Radio "The Ross & Burbank Show"
7/12Daily Variety
7/5Slate magazine
7/2The Daily Beast - "This Week's Best Reads"
7/1NPR's WBUR's "Here and Now"
6/30The Washington Post
6/30More magazine
6/30CBS Money Watch
6/29Oprah Radio - "The Gayle King Show"
6/28The Wall Street Journal
6/27Psychology Today
6/24The Huffington Post
6/22Parenting magazine
6/21The Washington Post
6/21The Week
6/21CNN - "American Morning"
6/20The Today Show
6/20NBC - "Kathie Lee and Hoda"
6/20Salon magazine
6/15Martha Stewart Living Radio
6/14The New York Times - Motherlode
6/14NPR - "The Madeleine Brand Show"
6/14MPR - "Midmorning"
2/12WRFD 880AM Columbus, Ohio
2/11The Village Voice
2/8Today's Black Woman Radio Show -- KISS FM Atlanta
FebruaryElle magazine

8/19The New York Review of Books
8/18Psychology Today
7/25The Washington Post
7/12The Wall Street Journal
6/21The Washington Post Express
6/18Jane Pratt's Jane Radio - Sirius XM
6/01Glamour magazine
5/24Yahoo Dating
5/20"The Ryan Seacrest Show" 102.7 KISS-FM
5/20WPKN, Bridgeport, CT, and WPKM, Montauk, NY -- The Binnie Klein Show
5/19"The Bonnie Hunt Show"
5/14WSTC-AM/WNLK-AM "The Lisa Wexler Show"
4/24Kansas City Examiner
4/23The New York Times -- The Ethicist column podcast
4/16Oprah Radio -- "The Gayle King Show"
4/15Fox Channel 5 -- "Good Day New York"
4/11KHSU-FM Public Radio (local NPR)
4/09Dr. Phil Show
4/07Martha Stewart "Whole Living" radio
4/01Women's Health
3/29The New Yorker
3/29NewsRadio1620AM Pensacola, Florida
3/29Cosmopolitan Radio -- "Cocktails with Patrick"
3/24The Minneapolis Star-Tribune
3/23Oy! Chicago
3/20WCCO-AM Minneapolis "The Esme Murphy Show"
3/19The Chicago Tribune
3/19The Los Angeles Times
3/15Heeb magazine -- Chosen Book
3/151340 WHAT-AM Philadelphia "What's Up with Missy"
3/13"Ask the Cyber-dating Expert Radio Show"
3/12The Chicago Tribune
3/06KWMR-FM "Viewpoint"
3/05Stanford magazine
3/03National Examiner
3/03The Maria Shriver Women's Conference
3/03Blogtalk Radio - "The Relationship Playbook"
3/02The Huffington Post
3/02WILN-FM "That Guy Kramer in the Morning" -- Florida
3/02WBYT Radio - Indiana
3/02AM 970 "The Curtis Silwa Show"
2/28Times of London Sunday Style
2/28Choice Moms podcasts
2/27The New York Times - Saturday Business
2/25106.5 The Buzz - KBZC, Sacramento "Jamie White Morning Show"
2/25KKZZ-AM 1400 "The Business of Life"
2/24NPR KPCC-FM "The Larry Mantle Show" Los Angeles, CA 11:20 PST
2/21The New York Times Editors' Choice
2/20"Inside Edition"
2/20WHUR-FM "The Audrey Chapman Show" Alexandria, Virginia
2/19KAUS Austin "Us Country Morning Show"
2/19The Michael Medved Show
2/17NPR - Wisconsin Public Radio "Conversations with Joy Cardin"
2/17“The Dr. Phil Show”
2/15KFI-AM Los Angeles
2/14CBS.com story (from WedMD)
2/14Men’s News Daily
2/14Tablet Magazine
2/14The Minneapolis Star Tribune
2/14St. Petersburg Times
2/14The New York Times Sunday Book Review
2/14The New York Times Sunday Styles “Night Out”
2/13MPR “Marketplace”
2/13CBS - "The Early Show"
2/12Christian Science Monitor
2/12The Jewish Forward
2/12More magazine
2/12Good Housekeeping
2/12Minnesota Public Radio "Midmorning"
2/12Christian Science Monitor
2/12CNN Radio
2/12CNN “Newsroom”
2/11USA Today
2/11KZSU-FM Stanford, CA – 4 p.m. PST
2/11KYGO-FM "Kelly and Rider in the Morning" Denver
2/11 Live web chat on Penguin.com 5 p.m. PST / 8 p.m. EST
2/11Progressive Talk Radio "The Jacqueline Bachar Show" Palm Springs, CA
2/10WLNK-FM "Matt and Ramona Show" North Carolina
2/09Tango magazine
2/09Single Mom Seeking
2/09"The Joy Behar Show"
2/09Borders Westwood reading
2/09“The Allen Hunt Show”
2/09Writers Bloc with Sandra Tsing Loh 7 p.m. PST
2/08Oprah Radio -- "The Dr. Laura Berman Show"
2/08MatchMatrix interview 6 p.m. PST
2/08The KTLA Morning Show (Channel 5, Los Angeles)
2/07The Washington Post
2/06“The Roy Green Show” - Corus Radio Canada
2/05The Huffington Post
2/05NPR – WNYC - "The Brian Lehrer Show"
2/05Time magazine
2/05People magazine
2/05Los Angeles Jewish Journal
2/04The Huffington Post
2/04WFMP-FM "The Lori and Julia Show" Minneapolis/St. Paul 4:30 PST
2/04BBC World Update 2:45 p.m. EST
2/04WOR-AM “The Joan Hamburg Show” 1:30 p.m. EST
2/04More magazine
2/04The Happiness Project blog
2/04NBC - "The Today Show"
2/0385 Broads Live Jam Session 12 p.m. EST
2/03KRLA-AM “The Dennis Prager Show” 1 p.m. PST
2/02The New York Post
2/01Redbook magazine
2/01O, The Oprah Magazine
2/01Marie Claire interview
FebruaryChatelaine magazine (Canada)
FebruaryCanadian Broadcasting Corporation - “Q” show
FebruaryTimes of London, Sunday Style
February The Courier Brisbane - Australia “Top picks for 2010”
FebruaryElle Quebec
1/31The New York Daily News
1/28 Noozhawk - Santa Barbara
1/28The New York Observer, "The Very Short List"
1/25Newsweek magazine
1/11Dad's House
1/02The New York Post

11/09The New York Post
10/21 The New York Observer

7/02The Economist
6/21The Globe and Mail - Canada
6/16The Oklahoman
5/26Newsweek magazine
5/12The Courier Mail - Brisbane, Australia
5/11The Times of London - Sunday Styles
5/02The Los Angeles Jewish Journal
MayMs. Magazine
4/30“The Dennis Prager Show” - KRLA Radio
4/18Sunday Star Times - New Zealand
4/13The Dallas Morning News
4/09The New York Observer
4/08The Hollywood Reporter
AprilFlorida Sun-Sentinel
AprilMarie Claire - Australia
AprilNew Woman - Australia
3/19Single Minded Women
3/17Good Housekeeping magazine
3/14MPR - “Midmorning”
3/13CBC Radio One - “The Current”
3/11Comedy Central - “The Colbert Report”
3/11CBS Radio - “The Tom Leykis Show”
3/11The Dr. Phil Show
3/10US Weekly
3/07The Week
3/04The Washington Post
3/03NPR - “Radio Times with Marty Moss-Coane”
2/29CBS News
2/28The Washington Times
2/25The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
2/24The Boston Globe
2/24The Allen Hunt Show
2/23The Los Angeles Times
2/22Newstalk 106 Ireland - "Life! With Orla Barry"
2/21WCCO Minneapolis - "The Jack Rice Show"
2/19The Wall Street Journal - “Careers”
2/14The Wall Street Journal - “The Juggle”
2/14KFI Radio - 640 AM Los Angeles
2/13NPR - "Talk of the Nation"
2/08 NBC - "The Today Show"
FebruaryWeb MD - “Health and Sex”
FebruaryCosmo - "Men This Minute"

JulyIn Touch Weekly magazine
MayPregnancy magazine
1/10KTLA Morning Show - Channel 5/CW
1/05MSN home page feature

11/07KTLA Morning Show - Channel 5/The CW
11/02KZSU Radio - Palo Alto, CA
10/11The Sandee Abern Show - WKRS Chicago
10/06The Kathleen Show - 1670 AM Madison, WI
10/04KTLA Morning Show - Channel 5/The CW
August Stanford magazine
7/24Satellite Sisters - ABC Radio
JulyNew York Observer
7/16Chicago Tribune Sunday "Q" Page
July Elle magazine
6/22Voice of America Radio
6/09 The Los Angeles Jewish Journal
6/07CNN “Showbiz Tonight”
6/07WOR New York “The Joey Reynolds Show”
6/07NBC "The Today Show"
5/15Publisher's Weekly
4/18The New York Daily News
3/23Norwegian Broadcasting Company
3/22Canadian Broadcasting Corporation “The Current”
2/25WGAN (CBS-CNN affiliate)
2/19The New York Observer
2/15Wisconsin Public Radio
2/14CNBC “On the Money”
JanuarySeventeen Magazine

8/21 The Sunday Times of London
8/15 New Hampshire Public Radio
8/06 WBZ Radio (Boston)
4/20 KPFA Morning Show
4/01The Week
3/10Jewish World Review
1/30Washington Post Book World

6/01Albany Times Union
6/01Star Magazine
6/01Parenting Magazine
5/01Shalom Magazine (Brazil)

5/04 The New York Observer
3/31 Atlanta Journal-Constitution
2/07 NPR "Tech Nation" with Moira Gunn (National)
1/07Jerusalem Report
1/01Business 2.0

12/01The Key
11/18The Orange County Register
11/04People magazine
10/13The Boston Globe
10/13 Variety
9/27CNBC "Business Center" (National)
9/20Minnesota Women's Press magazine
9/08Dallas Morning News
9/06Salon's The WELL week-long online author chat
9/04CBS "The Early Show" (National)
9/02Publishers Weekly
9/01Wharton magazine
9/01The Washington Monthly
8/27MPR "Marketplace" with David Brancaccio (National)
8/27KCRW "Politics of Culture" (Los Angeles NPR affiliate)
8/20KVON Radio "Morning Edition" (Napa, CA)
8/19CNET Radio "The Desmond Crisis Show" (San Francisco)
8/16NPR "The Tavis Smiley Show" (National)
8/09USA Radio (National)
8/09KQED "Forum" with Michael Krasny (San Francisco NPR affiliate)
8/07The Calgary Herald
8/01Wired News
6/01The Rosie Book Award 2002-2003 (Indiana)
4/09CNN “American Morning with Paula Zahn”
2/01Ladies’ Home Journal
1/01Rhode Island Teen Book Award Finalist

10/01ChickClick “Stars + Styles”
8/01For Me magazine review (Australia)
7/25Inscriptions Magazine interview (Australian)
7/07The Examiner Sunday Magazine review (Australia)
6/23 MediaBistro.com Moderator
6/15TV Week profile (Australia)
6/08ChickClick "Summer Reads"
6/06The City Weekly (Australia)
6/01Salon's THE WELLweek-long online author chat
6/01Missouri Library Association "Best of the Best 2001" List
6/01Westchester Library System "Best of 2001" List
5/235AA Radio (Australia)
5/22“Kramer and Johnson Show” (National)
5/18"Dr. Toni Grant Show" (Nationally Syndicated)
5/14UPN “Good Day Minnesota” KMSP-TV (Minneapolis)
5/14Rebecca's Reads author interview
5/11Channel 12 Public TV (Minneapolis)
5/10KFAI "Write on Radio" (Minneapolis)
5/02Seventeen Magazine
5/01Shape magazine
5/01Los Angeles Times profile
4/22Detroit Free Press Book Club Selection
4/19Fox TV “Mornings on 2” (Berkeley, CA)
4/13KMHL Radio (Minneapolis)
4/02Salon Magazine Table Talk Guest (week-long author chat)
4/02KWAB 1490 Radio "Real Simple" (Boulder, CO)
3/26Los Altos High School Writers’ Conference
3/24Channel 6 Public TV Interview (AAUW "Let's Talk Cable Series")
3/19People Magazine Australia (Who Magazine) cover story
3/06Talk America Radio "On the Couch" (National)
2/26CNET RADIO 910 AM Interview (San Francisco)
1/28San Jose Mercury News Sunday Magazine
1/27Palo Alto Daily News

11/01Jump Magazine
11/01Femina Magazine
9/22Daily Variety
9/17The Los Angeles Times Sunday Magazine
9/01Quality Paperback Club Featured Selection
8/25Jewish Bulletin of Northern California
8/01The Reporter/American Association of Medical Colleges
7/10US Weekly (Fashion Industry & Body Image)
7/01Stanford Magazine
7/01Reading Divas "Chick Lit"
7/01Live 105 Radio (San Francisco)
6/25The San Jose Mercury News
6/20CNN.com Book News
6/19Salon Magazine Table Talk Guest (week-long author chat)
6/01Sweet16.com Summer Books Picks
5/31Dr. Drew online
5/29The Chicago Tribune
5/24CNET Entertainment News
5/24Daily Variety
5/15Pale Reflections Online
5/15US Weekly
5/15 Kozmo.com featured book interview and "Lori's kozmo picks"
5/05Printers Inc. Bestsellers (Hardcover Nonfiction)
5/04WTAE-TV Pittsburgh Channel 4
5/05The Leeza Show (National)
5/05Barnes & Noble Teens "we recommend"
5/04Play-TV "The Alex Bennett Program" (National)
5/01Book-of-the-Month Club Featured Selection
4/24xseeksy.com "Recommended Reading"
4/21This Week In Psychology
4/21The San Francisco Chronicle
4/20The Stanford Daily
4/19Presenter: Eating Disorders Awareness Day Notre Dame High School (San Jose, CA)
4/18KPFA-FM "Living Room" hosted by Chris Welch (National)
4/16The Washington Post Book World
4/14 Presenter: Adolescent Medicine Research Conference Stanford University School of Medicine
4/13NPR: KUSP-Radio (Santa Cruz, CA)
4/12Willamette Week: Portland News and Culture
4/11USA TODAY Books
4/10KVON-Radio "Morning Show" (Napa, CA)
4/10The Dallas Morning News
4/10US Weekly ("Hollywood's Skinny Problem")
4/09 The Seattle Times (Sunday "Arts & Entertainment")
4/06WHO magazine (People magazine Australia)
4/03Bay-TV "The Show" KRON Channel 4, San Francisco)
4/02The Boston Globe
4/01Yale Magazine ("In Print")
4/01Manhattan, Inc.
4/01Biography Magazine
3/31The Los Angeles Jewish Journal
3/30NPR "Talk of the City" KPCC-FM (Los Angeles)
3/27 Oxygen.com chat (National)
3/27Oxygen TV "Thrive On Air" (National)
3/26KITS-Radio "Way Too Early" (San Francisco)
3/25Fox News Channel “Beyond the News”
3/24Fox News Channel “Fox News Live” (National)
3/23LA Weekly
3/23ABC.com chat (National)
3/23Z100 Radio "Z Morning Zoo" (New York)
3/23ABC-TV “Good Morning America” 8:15 am (National)
3/22Show Business
3/20Borders.com Home Page feature
3/19WKYW-AM "Health Talk America" (Philadelphia, PA & National)
3/10Oxygen SuperList (Breakup Girl Hot Sheet)
3/08KRVI-Radio "Dan & Kim in the Morning" (Fargo, ND)
3/08Talk America Radio "On the Couch" (National)
3/01Entertainment Weekly
3/01Child Care Today
3/01Palo Alto Weekly
3/01Manhattan, Inc.
3/01Mademoiselle ("Mlle.buzz")
3/01YM magazine serialization
2/01Twist Magazine
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